Our Company and History

About Cathedral Corporation

Cathedral Corporation provides high caliber state of the art communications, laser printing, mailing and electronic presentment services to nonprofit clients, and business partners—throughout the United States.  A privately held firm, Cathedral Corporation is managed as a public concern with strategic planning, clear annual operating plans, and dividend payment requirements.  The company has been in business for over 100 years with corporate headquarters located in Rome, NY with additional operating locations in Los Angeles, CA; Deer Park, NY; Lincoln, RI; and Orlando, FL. 

Cathedral has been involved with the data management, printing, personalization, and high volume mailing of critical business documents since the mid-1950s.  These services first began as part of the fundraising programs and activities offered by Cathedral’s Church Stewardship Division.  In 1990 Cathedral expanded its operations to include a wide range of business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications services.  In addition, Cathedral Corporation is recognized in the industry for its on-time and error-free performance that has helped Cathedral Corporation to establish customer-focused, long term partnerships with its clients. 

Since our founding, Cathedral Corporation has been a strategic partner and a trusted provider of financial, marketing and fundraising communications to a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-profit Fundraising and Churches.  Currently, Cathedral Corporation provides a wide array of services, including data management, personalized direct mail, regular and increased offertory enhancement campaigns, printing, and communication programs to over 5,000 Roman Catholic parishes located in every diocese within the United States.  Additionally, Cathedral Corporation works closely with a number of colleges, universities, and dioceses in the optimization of the direct mail component of their capital campaign and annual fund programs.  In all of our engagements, our nonprofit clients are assured of an approach that blends a superior understanding of best development and direct mail practice.