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Updating Parish Lists Has Never Been Easier with List Maintenance Services

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Online List Maintenance (OLM)

Cathedral Corporation is the first in the church goods industry to developed an innovative way for parishes to maintain their parishioner lists ONLINE without the need for expensive software. Best of all - IT'S FREE - to all Cathedral Corporation Monthly Mailing customers!

Email Updates

Save the cost of postage and phone charges of faxing. EMAIL us all your Additions, Corrections, Code Changes and Deletions to updates@cathedralstewardship.com whenever you want, how often you want. When submitting updates by email, please be sure to IDENTIFY the parish by your account number in the Subject line.*


We will be happy to receive all your Additions, Corrections, Code Changes and Deletions by fax at (315) 336-0690. It helps our List Maintenance Department personnel GREATLY if updates are typed rather than handwritten.

Please contact us before switching to a different List Maintenance method.

Cutoff Dates

These are the dates on which ALL List Maintenance is due for a specific mailing. Cut Off Dates will vary depending on your parish's Mailing Frequency - i.e. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly.

A list of your parish's specific Cut Off Dates is available by contacting our customer service department at (800) 698-0299.

*For security purposes, emails received without ANY identity of the sender will not be accepted.